About the Show

Classic Movie Musts is a weekly movie podcast that aims to provide artistic and historical context to classic films.  Every movie we discuss on this show is easily accessible via a streaming platform, which will be highlighted each week.  Nothing will be hard to find or difficult to access. So whether you’re seeing our featured movie for the first time, the 10th time, or sometime in between, this podcast is meant to be a fun and helpful companion guide to classic movies. The goal of this show is to provide either new insights into a classic movie, a refresher on an old film friend, or fan the flames of a deep cinematic passion.  Maybe even a combination of all three.

Classic Movie Musts is supported on Patreon by our loyal listeners, and we've expanded to include two new shows, Classic Movie Musts: Double Feature and Max's Movie Musts. Read about those shows over at patreon.com/classicmoviemusts

Thank you for listening.  Keep up with your classics!

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