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Love Me Tonight (1932) Ep. 51

In this episode we dance our way through Rouben Mamoulian's innovative early musical, Love Me Tonight (1932), starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, and Myrna Loy.  Tune-in to hear why this musical was so ahead of it's time, and represented a capstone to Paramount Studio's classical musical cycle.


Opening Credits: 1:47

Feature Presentation: 4:19

Buzz from the Backlot: 21:22

End Credits: 25:43

The Last Picture Show (1971) Ep. 50 w/ special guest Ted Walch

In this episode we welcome back Ted Walch to discuss Peter Bogdanovich's coming of age drama, The Last Picture Show (1971), starring Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Cybil Shepherd, Ben Johnson, and Cloris Leachman.


1:37 Opening Credits

6:08 Feature Presentation

1:07:22 Final Segment

The Killing (1956) Ep. 49

In this episode we breakdown one of Stanley Kubrick's early films, the noir influenced heist caper, The Killing (1956).  Starring Sterling Hayden and a great ensemble of supporters, this film represents an early experiment in non-linear storytelling, and is an all-time great heist film.

All That Jazz (1979) Ep. 48

In this episode, we discuss sound design and editing in Bob Fosse's iconic musical, All That Jazz (1979), starring Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Leland Palmer, and Ann Reinking.

The Set-Up (1949) Ep. 47 w/ special guest Raquel Stecher

In this episode, Max welcomes Raquel Stecher from Out of the Past blog and Quelle Movies blog to discuss Robert Wise's noir boxing drama, The Set-Up (1949).  Starring Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter, this hybrid noir boxing drama is both compelling in its own right, as well as an inspiration for many Hollywood classics.